A Private Phone App 
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Replace Your Phone Plan With Trusted, Secure Communications

Communicate On Your Terms, Stay Connected With Everyone!

Speak.3Z is built with the 3NUM Protocol empowering users to replace their phone plan for trusted and secure Web3 communications anywhere you have WiFi or Data   

What's Available With Speak.3Z

Web3 Native, Web2 Capable

Futurewise, We Got You Covered

Speak.3Z is built for the future of Web3 powered connectivity using the 3NUM Protocol

Web3 Usernames

Personalize your communications. Set up a ENS or Avvy Domain Name as your messaging username

Outbound ENS Caller ID

Web3 Outreach - Set your ENS Name to show up when calling any phone number

Text Crypto To Contacts

Send and receive payments to any phone number*

Spam Prevention

Protect your inbox with next generation spam prevention

Pay With Crypto

Buy your 3NUM Web3 Number to use with Speak.3z in crypto

Caller ID Verification

Never answer an unwanted phone call again

AI Assistant

AI assisted voicemail transcription, message creation and more

Tokenized Rewards

Own part of the network you are helping build!

Choose Your Plan

Purchase a 3NUM Shield Web3 Mobile Number to start using Speak.3Z today!

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With a 3NUM Shield Web3 Mobile Number

.015 Eth


Enjoy all the features provided by Speak.3Z

  • Secure Web3 Mobile Number
  • Unlimited Web3 Communication
  • Unlimited SMS/Voice
  • Protected Against SIM Swaps
  • End-End Encrypted Communications
  • Plus more!

Powered By The 3NUM Protocol

The 3NUM Protocol powers the world's first globally routable web3 mobile number bridging legacy SMS and voice into secure and trusted web3 communications!

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